Building Efficiencies with AI-Enabled Project Management Co-Pilots

Solving process inefficiencies with AI-integration

The rise of AI-notetakers has enabled teams to prioritize face-to-face interaction with their clients while still tracking and logging key conversation points and action items. These note-taking softwares can be great resources for increased productivity and efficiency as well. 

However, without proper attention and integration, even the best kept action items might fail to find follow-through if not integrated with a team’s existing project management workflow.

In the spirit of efficiency and innovation, we recently embarked on an ambitious internal development project to leverage automation and AI in our core project management processes.

To successfully partner with our clients, we need to manage marketing development timelines with varying levels of project complexity, number of stakeholders, and milestones Through it all, we strive to create maximum visibility,predictability, and clarity on the resulting downstream metrics.

Our team recognized the opportunity to operationalize and develop a first-of-its-kind integration for our Cicada AI notetaker and our project management software. 

How It Works

  • Our AI notetaker utilizes advanced NLP to detect our custom trigger words in meetings, automatically generating action items and takeaways for review by the corresponding project team, which was previously only possible natively. 
  • We took this to next-gen levels by seamlessly integrating the AI notetaker with our internal project management software, which necessitated the development of a proprietary middleware architecture for seamless data exchange.
  • This allows post-meeting action items to be assigned, categorized, and efficiently delivered to a dedicated triage section within Client Project Boards without a single second dedicated to human note taking, with items undergoing a manual released from triage to project Gantt charts for organized visualization.

Our AI note taking provider even confirmed Cicada is the first team they’ve seen develop this custom integration and institute complete process efficiency bringing notes from a meeting brainstorm to scheduled delivery and organized visualization, ensuring that our teams and clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving AI landscape.